Purpose of the conference is to bring together scientists and practitioners to exchange modern knowledge and experience in the latest directions in the development of biology at the present stage.

Sessions will focus on research and practical work related to the role of biology in the development of human civilization. The main issues discussed are related to solving the problem of climate change and global warning, industrial and agricultural systems, green and renewable energy, green economy, research into the problems of preserving and using the planet’s biological diversity, achievements and prospects of neuroscience and biomedicine, and the use of artificial intelligence in biological sciences.

Conference sections include the following areas, reflecting current trends and interests in the fields of science and technology:

Section №1. Interdisciplinary Research in Biophysics, Biomedicine, and Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience Issues

Neurodegenerative diseases and Psychopathologies

Advances in Computational Neuroscience

Perspectives on Molecular Neuroscience

Physiology of Health, Diseases, Diagnosis and Therapy

Temporal organization of biological systems

Structure and dynamics of Biopolymers and Biomacromolecular Systems

Membrane and Transport Processes

Mechanisms of Energy Transformation in Biological Systems

Impact of Physicochemical Factors on Biological Systems

Integration of Science and Education as the basis of Professional Competencies in Biology Teachers

Biomarkers of Diseases and Effectiveness of Therapy

Interdisciplinary Approaches to understanding Disease Pathogenesis

Therapeutic Potential of Herbs and Plant Metabolites

Physiological and Biomedical Aspects of Adaptation

Section № 2. Current Issues in Biotechnology, Microbiology, and Bioengineering

- Microbiology, Virology and Microbial Biotechnologies

- Role of Microorganisms in Ecosystems and Human Health

- Industrial Application of Microorganisms for Bioproduct Production

- Application of Microbes in Bioremediation and Waste Treatment

- Agrobiotechnology

- Plant Biotechnology and Physiology

- Food Biotechnology and Innovative Products

- Biotechnologies in Medicine

- Biomaterials

- Environmental Biotechnology

- Photobiotechnology and Bioenergy

- Utilization of Biotechnologies for Environmental Issues

- Development of Sustainable Agricultural and Production Methods

- Development of New Medicines and Vaccines through Biotechnologies

- Cell and Gene Therapy in Medical Practice

- Use of Biomarkers for Disease Diagnosis and Monitoring

- Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

- Genome and Proteome Data Analysis

- Modeling of Biological Systems and Virtual Hypothesis Testing

- Application of Artificial Intelligence in Biological Research

- Application of Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Agriculture, and Industry

- CRISPR/Cas9 and Other Genome Editing Tools

- Ethical Issues and Regulation of Genetic Engineering

- Synthetic Biology

- Creation and Programming of Artificial Biological Systems

- Biological Computers and Logic Elements Based on Living Organisms

- Evolution and Design of Living Systems in Laboratory Conditions

- Ethical Issues in Biotechnology and Bioengineering

- Interaction of Science with Society and the Impact of Technologies on Culture

- Legislative Aspects and Regulation in Biotechnologies

Section №3. Fundamental and Applied Research in Genetics and Molecular Biology

- Medical Genetics, Oncogenetics, and Molecular Diagnostics

- Experimental Mutagenesis

- Genotoxicology and Genetic Monitoring

- Cellular and Genetic Technologies

- Molecular Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Data Analysis

- Genetics for Agriculture

Section №4. Current Issues and Modern Principles of Biodiversity Study

- Problems of biodiversity conservation;

- Modern aspects and trends in the conservation of the gene pool of plants and animals of Kazakhstan;

- The current state of the bioresources of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries;

- Problems of desertification;

- Modern research in the field of plant biomorphology;

- Ecological and pharmacognostic issues of growing medicinal plants;

- Current issues of infectious diseases in crop production;

- Research in the field of flora;

- Actual problems of studying the fauna of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries;

- Current state of fisheries research and aquaculture;

- Actual problems of studying the morphology of animal cells and tissues;

- Current problems of environmental protection;

- The impact of anthropogenic and climatic factors on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems;

- Applied aspects of developmental biology;

- Modern problems of anthropology;